Rachel Hollis demonstrates what not to do when it comes to marketing & publicity. I share my thoughts as a book marketer & publicist, and fiction writer.

Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face | Rachel Hollis via Facebook

I didn’t hear about this online “controversy” until one of my peers in book publishing mentioned it. Whether it’s mindness drama, hype, or a trivial matter—the point is that word spread. Sometimes, I tend to ignore it. But other times I don’t. This is a perfect example of what not to do. As authors, here’s what we can learn. Any of us can flop if we don’t watch ourselves.

Building author platform isn’t…

Retail Worker → English Teacher → Administrative → Editor → Marketing professional in publishing.

Career change is possible but it takes time. Embracing failure and imperfection (instead of fearing it) took me places and opened up possibilities. I found my dream job in my late 30s. I will share my journey, adventures, and choices.

Part I: The Beginnings. How much does our childhood and upbringing influence our attitudes towards career choices?

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I’ve been told, “This is America. People change their careers all the time!”

To put things into context, there are countries where you are expected to pick your major…

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Indu Guzman shares how she fared as a freelance editor and how new challenges helped develop resilience.

During uncertainties like a global pandemic, it is important to focus on what you can manage—instead of what you cannot. We have no control over what happens in the world. However, we do have control over our personal realm.

The work-at-home tips I’m sharing helped me become resilient. For some reason, while I did my best to manage my work at home, my mind naturally followed my habits. As a result, I became better at facing uncertainty. …

Sci-Fi enthusiasts, I’m looking for your recommendations.

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Sci-fi enthusiasts, help please! Here is your chance to evangelize by telling a newbie about the incredible joys of reading sci-fi. And, for readers interested in getting into sci-fi, this is for you. Let’s talk about sci-fi for newcomers to the genre or those out of the loop.

My Background. Growing up, I was discouraged from reading sci-fi for who-knows-what. My family was religious but also had their oddities. My father is a narcissist and when he doesn’t understand something, it’s wrong. Therefore, outlawed. …

I.S. Guzman

Fiction Writer | Associate Fiction Editor of Pangyrus | Global nomad settled in the suburbs of Boston. The Pen Life is all about the lifestyle of a creative.

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